We create animated videos to explain your ideas.

We help you communicate with your
target audience in an efficient way.



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About us

People tend to absorb more information more quickly when it is presented in the form of a video.
Our mission is to connect you to your target audience in an easy to understand way.

  • Corporate Video

    Corporate Video

    Entertain your employees while you teach, inform and alert them with an easy to understand animated video.

  • Product or Service Demo

    Product or Service Demo

    Your target audience will know and understand how your product or service works, with a glimpse of all its benefits.

  • Startup Explainer

    Startup Explainer

    An animated video that will help you showcase your startup to potential customers and investors.

  • Game Graphics

    Game Graphics

    Intros, cutscenes and in-game animations.

Animated infographics, educational videos, Video tutorials and any other application of animation and computer graphics.

We also create Animated infographics, Institutional videos, video tutorials and any other application of animation and computer graphics.
Our team have 10 years of experience in the animation field, always bringing creative solutions for our clients.
We want to improve the visibility of your business, product or idea!

  • Cleber Bordin

    Cleber Bordin

    Founderand Artist

  • Nicki Krawczyk

    Nicki Krawczyk


How we do it

We talk about your needs and with your approval, we finish each of these steps:

  • Script


    We create the story, define the video duration and the key details.

  • Storyboard


    The story is drawn as a sketch, and we adjust minor details according to your notes.

  • Animation


    The video is brought to life and the visuals receive the final treatment.

  • Sound


    The best music and voice over are hand picked for the project.

  • Delivery


    The finished video is delivered!


“Pictovalley easily understood our need and shaped it in a great video. The response time was quick and the result excellent. I’m sure we will work together on future projects.”

Gabriela Tintori

Gam Comunicacao

“Our experience with Pictovaley Studio was nothing if not fantastic. They managed to translate an incredibly complex business process into a clear and understandable animation which has been very well received by its target audience.”

Fedja Hvastija

Digital sales and marketing manager at NiceLabel

“The first CEJAM Strategic Plan deserved a special treat. So, we reached a company to make something original. The result not only accomplished that, but exceeded our expectations. Each video showing we make, people left overwhelmed and emotional. Also,, the attention provided by the Pictovalley Studio to our company was extremely attentive.”

Luciana Zambuzi

Supervisor at CEJAM

“It was a sensational experience working with Pictovalley Studio. From the start I was attended and updated about each production step. Paladare is greatful for the excellent job!”

Felipe Amorim

Buffet Paladare


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